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Hello and welcome from Alexa aka The London Baby Coach x

Thank you for visiting my website. You may have found it whilst looking for ​a baby sleep consultant so let me tell you a little bit about me and how I can help you...


Gaining a passion for childcare, in particular babies, at a very young age I have been very fortunate to pursue a career in something I'm truly passionate about and that's not only looking after young children but also helping parents when they need it most.

I studied childcare as soon as I left school and since then I have been a nursery worker, a nanny to high profile families, a night nanny, a maternity nurse and now a sleep consultant.

My aim is to help parents with their baby's sleep and routine needs in a non-judgemental, calm and passionate way. Through my love of babies I have helped many families get their baby's into a routine or sleeping through the night using sleep science and experience. I offer a range of services to help with this from phone consultations, personalised plans, in-home support and my e-Zzz sleep plans. 

Whilst my main focus is sleep, I do offer other services of support such as a welcome home package for those very first days and holiday nannying. I'm a seasoned flier helping with babies as young as 8 weeks old through to adolescents.


For whatever help you're looking for why not scroll down to check out my service area to see which suits your needs best and feel free to drop me any questions. You can also read more about me by clicking the button below...

A newborn, young baby and infant expert, specialising in baby sleep and routine 


Alexa was an absolute god send. She is so knowledgable and experienced in sleep training babies... In less than two nights, she completely changed our lives. Jessica now sleeps through the night from 8pm to 8am. She does not even need her dummies anymore. My wife and I can finally get a full night sleep.

Raymond Lam

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Either call 07730538414 or fill out the form below

Thank you for your message, you will receive a response within 24 hours midweek & 48 hours over the weekend. If you haven't received one please check your junk box as occasionally they end up there!

"...what made her really stand out was her good advice, depth of knowledge and really helpful strategies. As a result of this our daughter started sleeping through the night" at 3 and a half months.

The Hutchinson Family

Phone Consultation Services

"Alexa's help was life changing...  I wish I hadn't waited this long to contact Alexa"

Maitri Tursini

Sleep Training Plan Option 2

"...At the time our little bundle of joy was waking every 3 hours but within 3 weeks Penelope had started to sleep through the night...'

Stacey & Alan Williams

Routine Setting In House

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