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Sleeping Baby
Lesbian Couple with Baby

About me, Alexa Taylor

A nanny to the Stars and High Profile families, I've been working with children for the last 10 years, becoming known as

 'The Baby Whisperer'

Whilst I work with children of all ages you can probably guess I am a specialist in newborn and young baby care.

I have been very fortunate to pursue a career in something I'm truly passionate about and that's not only looking after young children but it's helping parents when they need it most.

Raising children is no easy feat and it's okay to seek some help, be it that you're after a bit of respite, or to learn how to get your baby into a routine, maybe it's ways in which to help their development.

There are many areas I can help you with,  so feel free to explore my website and you can find out more.

"Alexa's help was life changing"

Maitri Tursini

"Alexa's help was life changing...  I wish I hadn't waited this long to contact Alexa"

Maitri Tursini

Sleep Training Plan Option 2

"...At the time our little bundle of joy was waking every 3 hours but within 3 weeks Penelope had started to sleep through the night...'

Stacey & Alan Williams

Routine Setting In House


CONTACT ME- Either call 07730538414 or fill out the form below

What parents have to say

"...what made her really stand out was her good advice, depth of knowledge and really helpful strategies. As a result of this our daughter started sleeping through the night" at 3 and a half months.

The Hutchinson Family

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