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Raymond Lam

Sleep training plan, option 3


5 * Google Review

When Alexa was first introduced to us, my wife and I were both at the point of absolute exhaustion following months of sleep deprivation. Our 15 month old little girl, Jessica, had not been a great sleeper. She would usually get up in the middle of the night and then were unable to go back to sleep. Quite often, she would stay up all night wanting to play so one of us would have up stay up with her. We were quite apprehensive to begin with and I honestly could not see how our daughter could sleep through the night.

Alexa was an absolute god send. She is so knowledgable and experienced in sleep training babies. She clicked with our little one straightaway the first time she saw her. She really put her at ease from the beginning. In less than two nights, she completely changed our lives. Jessica now sleeps through the night from 8pm to 8am. She does not even need her dummies anymore. My wife and I can finally get a full night sleep.

We are so grateful to Alexa. She continues to offer us advice. I would recommend Alexa to any parents without hesitation.

Maitri Turini

Sleep training plan, option 2


5 * Google Review

Alexa's help was life changing! I had been co-sleeping with my baby and it had been lovely:.. until it wasn't! I really wanted help to transition baby to the cot and with Alexa we went from co-sleeping and breastfeeding to sleep to baby sleeping in her cot without breastfeeding! Baby still wakes up a couple times but significantly less and my partner and I have evenings together now! I wish I hadn't waited this long to contact Alexa but so grateful for all the help! I think as parents we need to stop pretending that we can do it all ourselves, it's ok to get help

Sam & Steve Scott

Routine setting with night support


Personal  Testimonial

Alexa is fabulous at her job. Our son adores her. She has guided him and us into a sleep and feeding routine and her knowledge is invaluable. She has undoubtedly played a crucial role in our son’s development. Alexa fitted in straight away and we continue to see her months down the line.

She has such warmth and great energy and is a joy to be around.

Alice Charlwood

Wedding Nanny 

5* google review

Alexa looked after our 2 week old baby for a full day and evening enabling us to attend, and enjoy, my brother’s wedding. She is incredibly professional, friendly and unflappable. Our baby was calm and happy and I had complete confidence leaving her with Alexa between breastfeeds. Alexa was also proactive and thoughtful at helping out with related things on the day (moving the cot from one hotel room to another single handed, for example!) and was also charming with our 2 year old daughter. I would highly recommended Alexa to anyone!

Charlotte Evans-Tipping

Routine setting with night support


Personal Testimonial

Alexa helped us as a night nanny for two weeks when my son was between 5-7 weeks.


Alexa is extremely knowledgeable about babies and was such a help to me as a new mum. In particular, she was amazing at helping me get him into a routine. She taught me how to get him to self settle, which meant that he was going to sleep easily at bedtime by the time she left. He made such great progress, all thanks to Alexa.


Alexa had a lovely way with my son and I had no hesitation leaving him in her care. She was a really lovely person to have around and I would recommend Alexa’s services as a night nanny and baby sleep coach to anyone.

Tom and Rachel Hutchinson

Routine setting with night support & phone consultation


5 * Google Review

We hired Alexa one day a week over the space of a few months. Alexa was professional, well-organised, and always enthusiastic, which was welcomed by us in our sleep deprived state. She was completely competent in looking after our little daughter. However, what made her really stand our was her good advice, depth of knowledge and really helpful strategies. As a result of this our daughter started sleeping through the night at 3 and a half months. This was our first child; everything was new to us and with each developmental change Alexa’s reassurance and ideas were invaluable. Thank you Alexa!

Lee & Simon Raine

Routine setting with night support


Personal  Testimonial

My little boy was in a routine but sadly not sleeping through the night when Alexa came into our house bursting with enthusiasm informing us how she would help him sleep through the night.

From day one she asked us to fill out a diary detailing his sleep and feed pattern.
After a couple of days she managed to change a few things such as introducing a dream feed promoting longer sleep.

It didn't take long for Alexa who stuck by her word and had him sleeping through quickly. She made such a huge difference to our lives, not only had she got our baby sleeping through but she was a kind and caring friend to the parents. She has been very supportive and helpful with weaning too.

She has also been so helpful with my other kids and they feel happy to be around her. She's been a real asset to our family and we are truly grateful for everything she has done. You would struggle to meet a more professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate woman than Alexa. 

Stacey & Alan Williams

Routine setting with night support


Personal  Testimonial

From the moment I spoke to Alexa on the phone I knew she was the perfect Nanny for us – we hit it off immediately. She joined us when Penelope was 7 weeks old, staying with us three nights a week. At the time our little bundle of joy was waking every 3 hours but within 3 weeks Penelope had started to sleep through the night.

Her approach was great, helping us to install better routine and establishing feeding and sleeping patterns. Alexa is extremely knowledgeable for one so young. She answered countless questions regarding best practice for sleeping, feeding, poorly babies, weaning and the list goes on…All of her suggestions were helpful and very much appreciated.

On a personal level Alexa is fantastic! She’s kind and caring and obviously loves what she does. She is an incredible Nanny and wonderful person. We would fully recommend her and we consider her a friend.

Lena Jeyarajah

Night support 


Personal Testimonial

I very reluctantly decided when my son was 7 weeks old I needed help. Leo is a premature baby who suffers from severe reflux coupled with gastric issues and I simply was not coping, however I saw it as a sense of failure on my part. I spoke to Alexa on the phone the night before she came for a trial. She was kind, calm and really seemed to understand my worry about having someone not known to me caring for my baby. All of my concerns disappeared as soon as I met Alexa. She arrived and took control of the situation from the moment she saw Leo. She was calm and assertive in equal measure, assuring me that he would be ok and that she could help - and help she did.


Alexa noticed quickly that Leo's struggles seemed more than just reflux and three weeks into her time with us he was diagnosed with a cows milk allergy. Throughout her time with us she continued to support me whether it be advising on Leo's daytime routine, offering advice on how to manage my toddlers challenging behaviour and helping introduce better night time sleeping habits.


When Alexa arrived Leo was a very unsettled baby who struggled to feed and sleep. During her stay with us Leo gave us his first smile, slept longer stretches at night and started to become more alert and playful during the day. I was genuinely sad when Alexa left. She became so much more than just a night nanny, she helped me personally through a very difficult period with Leo with a positive attitude, a calm and tentative approach and sound advice. I cannot recommend her more highly, a decision you will not regret.

Isobel Emo

Night support and 24 hour care 


Personal Testimonial

Alexa helped us on numerous occasions both as a night nanny and during the day whilst we went away for the weekend. She is a pleasure to have around, very professional and really excellent with our little son, Alessio. She was brilliant during the sleepless nights and generally looking after Alessio and playing with him. We would have no hesitation in recommending Alexa and would be delighted for her to help us in the future.

Kellie & Kevin Walker

Routine setting with night support

Personal Testimonial

Alexa Taylor is an outstanding nanny. I'm almost loathe to recommend her because it means that she will undoubtedly be less available to help us in future!


Alexa is a reliable, incredibly capable and intelligent lady. We needed a night-nanny to help our at-the-time four week old daughter, Wren, get into a stable sleeping pattern whilst my wife and I were returning to work. Upon meeting Alexa for an initial interview/chat, we were impressed and comforted by Alexa's confidence, experience and enthusiasm for her job. Alexa understood very quickly that whilst we were keen to be hands-on parents, there was a lot we didn't know about newborns despite the myriad books and ante-natal classes we had devoured, and in her own affable yet pleasantly assertive manner, she kept us right in the early weeks.


Within a few days of Alexa starting with us Wren was making great progress towards sleeping right through the night, Alexa's confidence and promises at our initial chat were were fully justified! But further to getting Wren into a stable sleep pattern (and consequently allowing Mum and Dad to sleep soundly too!), Alexa offered advice and best-practice tips that we could use to help Wren get over a rather nasty period of colic.  So within a matter of a couple of weeks we had a soundly-sleeping daughter who was feeding well and managing colic like a trooper, and when sleep and feeding are going smoothly it makes for a very happy baby (and Mum and Dad!).


Alexa made it easy for us to develop a trusting and friendly relationship with her, and more importantly, she developed a great rapport with Wren which meant we were comfortable with Alexa being around the house and interacting with our newborn daughter from a very early stage. What impressed and also surprised us as Alexa's time with Wren carried on, was that she was keenly interested in Wren's development, and we would often receive a text during the day when she wasn't even working with us to say "I was just thinking about Wren, and I think she would really benefit from this...". Or at the start of an evening she would arrive and mention something she had thought of during the day which might help Wren's progress. These little things really made us feel that Wren was not just 'another job' and that our daughter's care was in the hands of a very caring, thoughtful and capable nanny.


I could go on for pages and pages to describe all of the ways that both Wren and my wife and I have benefitted from Alexa's involvement with us, but to try and give this appraisal some semblance of brevity I shall summarise and close with the following:


Alexa has been a wonderful help to our young family. I do not believe that we could have managed Wren into such a stable and effective sleep/feed pattern without Alexa's guidance. Her skill, judgement and manner make her an outstanding nanny, and we are delighted that she has had such a positive effect on our daughter's early months


Thank you Alexa!

Tara & Dan Scott

Day support

Personal Testimonial

Alexa worked for us for 6 months looking after our son Jack (age 3-9 months) whilst I was recovering from a back injury. I therefore had the opportunity to spend quite a lot of time with her. 


Alexa's personality shone through from day one. She is incredibly kind, caring and always happy and smiling. 


She developed a strong bond with Jack very quickly and you could see how experienced she was with looking after babies. As first time parents we had a lot to learn but any suggestions Alexa made she did gently and respectfully. 


In addition to Jacks daily baby care routine, she helped us manage his reflux and transformed his naps with sleep training which I know was a challenge! This made a huge difference to us as a family and now Jack continues to be able to settle himself for his naps. 


Alexa also helped me with all kinds of kitchen and house chores and nothing was ever too big or too small for her to do. 


In summary Alexa is a fantastic, hard working, and unbelievably caring Nanny and we would highly recommend her. We miss her a lot! 

Amiee Woodley

Day support

Personal Testimonial

 Alexa is a wonderful nanny, whom my twins adore. She has helped us since my two were  only 4 months old, giving much needed support, advice and reassurance. 

 Alexa has a calm approach to working with children, and applies a genuine love for development and educational activities within her daily tasks. She is also always prompt, tidy and dependable.

I have never felt more at easy leaving my children in someone else's care and would recommend Alexa to anyone else needing that little bit if extra help. 

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