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Routine Setting

As with most parents who have used this service, many spend the first part of their baby's life 'winging it' but there comes a time when they realise they need some structure to go about the day especially if their baby is not sleeping at night, and that's where I come in. 

What happens during a routine setting? 

Giving you personalised tools and guidance that are suitable to your babies age and needs, I will help get your baby into a routine running on a 12 hour day schedule. 

There are three options available for this.

Option 1- Personalised plan. Starting off with a phone consultation we will talk through your current routine and discuss the areas you're looking to change. I will then create a personalised plan for one week of how to put your baby into the right time areas for feeding and sleeping along with trackers to fill in your babies progress.

The programme also includes a daily support messages for the week of routine setting where you can send a photo of the days tracker and I can guide on anything different. The plans are full of professional information about routines and the things you need to know.

Prior to the consultation It would be really helpful to record your baby's normal day for 3 days, even if there are no patterns or set times to it. This will enable me to see what needs to be changed before providing the plan. 

However if you're looking at this on a last minute decision we can discuss this via the phone.

At the end of your week there will be a sign off phone call to give any further advice you could use going forward.




Option 2- Is everything included in option 1 but with an in house stay of 1 x 24 hours allowing me to show you how to get your baby into a routine using the personalised plan. 

The nice thing about this option is the added personal approach of getting to know you and your baby on a 1-1 level.

Option 3- Bespoke in-house stay of 3x 24 hour. The first day would consist of me observing what your current day looks like, any particular needs your baby has, the amount of sleep and feed they have, and any techniques you may have to get through it all. 

We will then sit and go through a suitable routine to work towards over the following two days, using trackers and guides to monitor the progress. 

Upon my departure you will be left with the routine plan and trackers to use and receive a daily support message until what would be the end of a one week period.

At the end of this week you will get a sign off call to give any advice going forward. 

Does the age of my baby matter when routine setting

Whilst I encourage starting a routine in the early stages of your baby's life, the age of a baby doesn't matter in a sense of it's never too late to get them into a routine. It can just be that bit tougher to get in place the older they get as habits begin to form and can be harder to change. 

How long will it take? 

I have found 3 days working at both day and night is a good amount of time to get the routine in place and on the move.

However I would say setting aside 1 week to work on it is a realistic approach in case your baby doesn't adapt straight away.

These services are also suitable for multiple babies.



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