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E- Consultation 

How it works...

To help keep things simple, all you need to do is fill out the form below in as much detail as possible then continue to the payment page. Once paid the form will be sent to my inbox where I will then respond to your questions with a personalised write up and email it back. This will include the same style of methods and strategies which parents receive on phone consultations.  

When filling our your comments box, please add as much detail as possible such as any medical conditions, whether you're experiencing any digestive issues such as reflux or excessive wind,  any developmental stages they have recently started such as rolling and so on. 

If you have tracking info such as apps or have written down your baby's day it would be great to add the last 3 days if possible. 

If there are any additional comments you'd like to add such as your parenting style, any cultural aspects to be considered, whether you have specific parenting anxieties and so on. All of these will help me to tailor the advice as much as possible

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