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Holiday Nannying

Being an Individual who likes to travel herself I offer a holiday nannying service. Past positions in this area have taken me to Scotland, France (St Tropez & Courchevel), Austria & Spain.

Travelling to different climates via both private jet and commercial planes, I individualise the care that is needed whilst there. For example in Spain it was August with 6 month old twins so the majority of the time was indoor care as it was too hot for them to be out. Another is Austria, Kitzbhuel Skiing with an 8 week old, I still went on outings but ensured she was kept warm enough. 

Whilst holiday nannying I am keen to find and get involved in activities that are in the area or at the accommodation, suitable to the age of the children I would be looking after.

Prior to departure I am happy to advise on what things would be required and any tips that can make for a smooth transition from home to your holiday destination.

There are two tiers available for prices of services

1- 24 hour care with a 4 hour break given during the day

2- 24 care without the break

Costing is also subject to the amount of weekends the trip will cover.

Flights, food and accommodation is covered by yourselves.

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