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e-Zzz Sleep Training Plan 12+ months

e-Zzz Sleep Training Plan 12+ months

Drawing on real life cases the e-Zzz sleep training plan is full of the information needed to succesfully sleep train your baby and how to understand the all important pausing as well as questions you may think about during the process.


Using the reassurance sleep training method it's the perfect balance of giving your baby the opportunity to learn how to self settle but with some comfort from you throughout. 


This plan is the perfect try it yourself tool as it contains the same information in my bespoke plans just without the individual touches of why you may be looking to do it. To be sure of whether sleep training is for you and your baby then please read the information below. 


By purchasing this plan you will gain access to the private London Baby Coach facebook group where you can ask questions you whilst carrying out sleep training. 

  • When can I use sleep training?

    Sleep training is a tool that is used to allow your baby the opportunity to learn how to self settle when they have become dependent on sleep aids. These will include, being held, rocked, fed to sleep both breast and bottle, use of a dummy & co-sleeping. 

    The most succesful times for sleep training working around developmental leaps and growth spurts are;

    5.5 months 

    6.5- 7.5 months 

    9-10 months 

    11-12 months

    In between these times listed is usually when your baby is going through either leap or a regression and that I have found sleep training to be a lot tougher during these times. It's not to say you cannot try it but the percentages of it working are smaller.

    For information about using it during sleep regressions please see the seperate section below. 

    Government guidelines state sleep training can be carried out from 6 months and at this time there is a leap that can hinder training so if you are looking to use at 5.5 months as I have listed above please drop me an email to discuss purchasing this plan. 

  • Can I use this plan during a sleep regression?

    During a sleep regression your baby's brain is going through a big developmental leap and their sleep needs change, this means they are more likely to be more restless and less willng to sleep. 

    There is evidence to show you can use sleep trianing techniques during a regression however from my experince this is already a particulary unsettled period and trying to carry out sleep training won't necassarily be succesfull. 

    You are welcome to try and implement self settling techniques by following the plan through but if you know your baby is in their regression and it does not work then be mindful that this will be why.

  • Other things to factor in

    Many parents often look to sleep training if their baby is suddenly waking lots during the night or cat napping in the day and what I advise before going straight to sleep training is to look at whether your baby is in a routine. Often babies are restless at night if they aren't having enough sleep in the day so sometimes a change in the routine is needed rather than sleep training and a few tweaks makes all the difference.

    If you are unsure as to whether that could be the cause then I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation where we can discuss this first. If you know that the reason your baby is waking is because they are reliant on the things listed previously then the purchase of this plan is okay. 

  • What sleep training isn't

    Sleep training isn't allowing your baby to cry themselves to a point of exhaustion as some like to describe it, sleep training is giving your baby the opportunity to learn how to fall asleep independently. You will be amazed to see how at the end of the process you can pop your baby into their bed awake and they will peacfully get themselves to sleep because they now know how. 

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