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What help can I get over the phone? 

E - Consultation 


The perfect way to get some quick fire advice on any questions you have. Simply follow the link below where you can fill out the consultation form to receive many strategies and tip to help with your queries. An e-consultation can cover many things such as general baby care, product questions, how to tweak your routine, ways to help your baby sleep independently (not sleep training methods), night time sleep trouble shooting and so on. 

Click here to read more and fill out your form.

Phone Consultation


The idea of the 1 hour phone consultation is to have at hand professional advice for all baby care. It could be advice on sleep routines, how to cut your babys nails, even down to dressing them for the right temperatures, both in the home and out. Sometimes it can really be down to needing the reassurance that you're doing a great job.

At the end of each phone call you will receive a write up of the advice and strategies we discuss.

Please note it does not include a personalised plan that you receive in the routine setting and sleep training services.

4 call package 


 A less intensive but supportive way to manage your little ones sleep and baby care these call packages are for up to 60 minutes taken weekly or bi- weekly.

I have space for 5 clients taking weekly calls and 10 clients taking bi- weekly at any one time so please do get in contact for availability.

Great for 0-6 months.

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