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What help can I get over the phone? 


The idea of the one hour phone consultation is to have at hand professional advice for all baby care. It could be advice on sleep routines, how to cut your babys nails, even down to dressing them for the right temperatures, both in the home and out. Sometimes it can really be down to needing the reassurance that you're doing a great job and that the reasons your baby is crying is because they're just trying to tell you something and that you're not doing anything wrong.

At the end of each phone call you will receive a write up of the advice and strategies we discuss.

Please note with this service whilst sleep training can be discussed you will not be given a plan with the full method. If you know you are looking for sleep training then please see this particular service section. If sleep training is something you decide you'd like after having a phone consultation then the price is deductible from the sleep training plan.


Please note it does not include a personalised plan that you receive in the routine setting and sleep training services.


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