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Welcome Home Lil One

Whether you've guessed it or not 'welcome home lil one' is the ideal package for when you first arrive home with your new arrival. 

It's a great way to learn all the things that are about to come next. 

Staying for 3 x 24 hours (with a flexible 4 hour break per day)  this one to one support will cover an array of baby related tasks such as how to change a nappy, swaddle your baby, manage wind and griping, help to settle baby, and spot the potential signs of colic and reflux, whilst also helping you to understand your babies individual requirements and give you the confidence to know what's 'normal'.

Whilst it's a great opportunity to learn these new things it's also a chance for you to rest and recover. On hand during the day I can take the stress out of everyday chores such as putting baby laundry in the wash, sterilising feeding equipment or even taking the baby out for some fresh air.  

Will you help me get my baby into a routine?

In this early period of your baby's life it will be difficult to get a solid routine in place as there is often the need for demand whilst waiting for your milk to come through (if breastfeeding) and whilst they regain their birth weight.

However we can look at the feeding and sleeping aspects that dictate a routine and how to start implementing them, i.e. encouraging your baby to feed after a certain amount of hours. 

When will you arrive?

This is a very individual choice but for this package its within the first 10 days.


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